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It’s a great privilege but also a big responsibility to be in charge of your child’s education.

You might feel overwhelmed at times as you wade through all the information out there about home education. How do you choose which curriculum is best for your family? How do you plan out your school day? What about the high school years?

Leaning on the experiences and knowledge that I’ve gained over the 17 years of home educating our two children from a non-traditional home-school program, I want to come alongside you as you homeschool your children and encourage you to foster a love of learning. I have taught other students formerly from private and public-school environments, showing increased growth in their academic potential. I am often asked for advice about homeschooling kids, and it is my desire to be a resource for other families on this journey.

I can help you prepare your next steps. Here, you will find encouragement, practical information and support as you get started.

Homeschool Consulting Services
When you work with me, we’ll start with a 1 hour phone call to talk through your family’s homeschool needs. This will give you the opportunity to introduce yourself and discuss what you are looking for, give us a chance to set up a time for the initial conversation, as well as a chance for me to ask any questions so that I can be more prepared to help you with your specific needs. We can chat via phone call, Zoom, email-whatever you are most comfortable with.

Your plan can include things like:

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  • Getting  started in homeschooling
  • Which homeschool method is a good fit for your family
  • Organizing and scheduling your homeschool  day
  • Curriculum options
  • Help for homeschooling high school students
  • How to homeschool multiple ages
  •  Making sure you stay on track


Hourly Consultation Services & Rates     

Free-10 minute consultation 

Plenty of time to get a quick question answered, or point you in the right direction

1-Hr Initial Phone Conversation: $45

Tier 1: Teaching

One hour initial call with emailed notes
Your own detailed personalized homeschool plan                                            Address any areas of concern                                                                                            1 follow-up email to answer any questions you have about your plan

2-hr Initial Phone Conversation: $100

Tier 2: Targeting                                                                                                                      

Assessments                                                                                                                             Learning style Inventory/Strategies                                                                   Homeschooling Resources                                                                                             Homeschooling Grades                                                                                                     IHIP Plan

Specialized Packages upon Request

Tier 3: Transforming 

Assessments                                                                                                                             Learning style Inventory/Strategies                                                                   Homeschooling Resources                                                                                             Homeschooling Grades                                                                                                     IHIP Plan                                                                                                                              Curriculum choices/adjustments                                                                                     Research programs                                                                                                                Weekly lesson plans                                                                                                             Organization, time management                                                                            Record keeping assistance                                                                                             Transcript Assistance                                                                                                      Homeschooling High School                                                                                        Encouragement and support


Payment is due at the time consultation is scheduled and is billed via PayPal.  If you are interested in scheduling a consultation or have any further questions contact me through the form below.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Follow-Up Consultation $15

On this 30-minute call, we can evaluate how things are going and answer any further questions you may have.


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